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Loud Cry Media news updates

Loud Cry Radio is broadcasting on Roku, Google and Amazon Fire TV platforms along with a Biblical slide show as programming airs.
Internet TV is the fastest growing medium in N. America. A Roku stick is available at Walmart for $59 and gives you access to hundreds of TV channels for free, including Loud Cry. Create your own programming, much of it commercial free and eliminate expensive cable.
Native Hope Radio is broadcasting via computer at nativehoperadio.org
Native Hope TV is broadcasting on Roku and other internet TV platforms. Go to Loud Cry Radio and click Native Hope TV. It is 24/7 broadcasting.
Loud Cry Media’s next media outreach will be NATURAL WAY TV. This will be 24/7 healing according to God’s word. We believe it will be the first Christian Natural Healing TV network. Launching in 2017
People of the Book Radio is broadcasting to the Muslim populace of N. America. It seeks to show that that Christians and Muslims have far more in common than is believed by those not searching the Scriptures. We are cousins from Abraham and should not be enemies. Peopleofthebookradio.com or on Roku
People of the Book TV will be launching in 2017.
Loud Cry Radio, Native Christian Radio, People of the Book Radio, SDA Radio, Natural Way Radio are all available APPS for free download on mobile devices.
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