Arthur S. Maxwell

Arthur Maxwell  Arthur Stanley Maxwell (January 14, 1896 – November 13, 1970)

Born in London, England, the man known affectionately around the world as “Uncle Arthur” became a colporteur as young man and it forever changed the lives of millions.  He spent 7 years writing a series of books called “Uncle Arthur’s Bible Stories” going from Genesis to Revelation in 407 stories.  Perhaps his most influential writing effort was Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories which peaked at 20 volumes.  Together these two sets of children’s books sold over 20 million copies and at one time there were over 17,000 workers going door-to-door selling them.  Famed narrators, Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue recored a dramatized version of the Bible Stories word for word from Maxwell’s pen.  It is these recordings we play on Loud Cry Radio.  Maxwell wrote many other books for adults the most famous being”The Bible And You.”  During the 2nd world war when England feared for its very exisitence during Hitler’s blitzkrieg, Maxwell informed his readers of Signs of the Times that according to the Book of Daniel there would never been a 5th world empire and Germany would fall.  After the war he was honored for offering positive hope to the citizens of England during their darkest hour.

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