Henry Feyerabend

Born in Jersey City, NJ, of German heritage, Henry moved with his parents at the age of 4 to Waldheim, SK the place of his mother’s birth. Greatly influenced growing up by the Voice of Prophecy and H.M.S. Richards, Henry took theology at Canadian Union and Atlantic Union College where he got involved in radio ministry. In 1958 Henry was called to pastor in Brazil where he learned Portuguese and joined a singing quartet working for the Voice of Prophecy. Henry’s evangelism work has left a deep mark in Brazil unto this day. After receiving a call to Toronto, Henry launched a Portuguese church and began airing the Voice of Prophecy in Portuguese in the city. This led to a 30 minute show on City TV called Destiny. In 2000 Henry returned to Brazil to conduct a satellite evangelism series which was attended by over 350,000 leading to several thousand baptisms. Returning to Canada Feyerabend (Fire-robin) Henry worked with It is Written, picking up an assistant Shawn Boonstra, then repeated a satellite evangelism crusade in English out of Dalhousie University in NS broadcasting to over 600 world wide sites. Cancer afflicted Pastor Feyerabend until he died in 2006 at 75 years old. Such was his zeal for preaching the gospel, that in 2004 a day after they amputated his leg, Henry boarded a plane and preached the next day in Calgary. He had 40 books published including Daniel verse-by- verse in 2002. Pastor Henry Feyerabend – was without question a prince among men.

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