Bible & Alcohol Use, the Curse of Humanity

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A misunderstanding that Jesus created fermented alcohol at the wedding feast has given weak Christians an excuse to drink spirits.  Alcohol is the devil’s creation not something which Jesus sanctions.  Alcohol has been the scourge of humanity and is more destructive than any other drug.  Alcoholics Anonymous warns people that certain gene types are predisposed to a life of alcoholism.  Does this liquid form of Russian roulette seem like something God sanctions?  That there was a severe abuse of alcohol by Old Testament Jews there can be no doubt.  David’s fermented wine cellars were legendary, Noah got drunk as did Lot.  There is no good news story in the Bible concerning alcohol.  King Solomon, after his struggles with booze wrote the most cutting warnings ever penned about the drink.  To think Jesus abandoned the counsel of his blood relative, known as the wisest man, is ridiculous.

Alcohol abuse 2

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