THE LIVING WELL (Natural Healing)

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THE LIVING WELL is just what the natural healing doctor ordered! Explore the virtues of healing through alternative methods such as: aloe vera, alkaline water, apple cider, aromatherapy, B12, bee pollen, bone health, Bowen therapy, charcoal, chiropractic, chromium, circulation, colonics, color therapy, depression, detoxification, digestive enzymes, energy supplements, essential fatty acids, exercise, fasting, food combining, gluten free, green tea, herbal remedies, Himalyan salt, honey, hydrotherapy, inversion table, iodine, liver health, lactose intolerance, liquid oxygen, maca root, massage, naturopathy, oil of oregano, omegas, oral hygiene, prostrate health, raw food diet, raw vegetable juices, royal jelly, shea butter, spirulina, unclean foods from the Bible, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin therapy, vocal care, water internal, weight loss, and more!

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