Unclean Foods, To Eat or Not to Eat

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Were the dietary laws God gave to ancient Israel nailed to the cross?  If so, the thing which God called an abomination is no longer an abomination which makes the unclean foods the only abomination in the entire Old Testament to be cleansed and made good at Calvary.  Immorality, false business practices, prideful behavior and every other thing which God hates remained an abomination, however, the pig somehow managed to get itself clean.  That in spite of the fact that it had one stomach before the cross and one stomach after the cross.  God explained why only animals with four stomachs were fit to eat due to their cleansing digestion process.  Medical studies all prove that unclean foods are deadly.  Christians don’t want to eat mice, snakes, lizzards, horses, bats or eels, yet they go to extreme lengths to justify eating the swine and lobster, both deemed unfit by God with a strong warning that you will get sick if you do.


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